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Where love and magic collide.

Dedicated to the preservation of purebred dogs.

Welcome to Corgis at Elfin Farms. Our 10-acre farm is located in Cottondale, FL, in the center of the North Florida panhandle. We are a hobby farm specializing in breeding AKC-registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis. 


We're excited to announce our Generation 6 puppies have arrived from Richard x Mango. One handsome sable boy is available. Go home date approximately May 6th.


Conan x Merry have 3 beautiful red/white standard coat boys, 3 red/white boys and 1 tri color girl available. Go home date approximately May 8th.


Artemis and Windsor welcomed their litter of fluffies and standard coat sables, 2 fluffy boys, 1 fluffy girl and 2 standard girls available for reserve. Go home date approximately May 23rd.

Puppies pictured below. Please use the contact me button or

Email for information and application.

***We are making some changes to our breeding program. At this time we have a 3-year-old sable bluie male available as a pet to an approved special home. Up to date on vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped. Email for information and application.

Three other adults are scheduled to retire by the end of 2024 and will be looking for comfortable sofas to share with new families.

Available Puppies $2,400


About Me

I have a deep love and respect for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. They are extremely intelligent herd dogs with a spark for life and natural drive. And who can resist a wiggling corgi butt?

I am a small kennel Pembroke Welsh corgi breeder. This is my passion, not my profession. As such, my girls produce only a limited number of puppies per year. We'd rather be outside herding the mastiff, playing tag, running an agility course, or strutting our stuff in the show ring. After all, being a corgi is all about having fun!

Meet The Crew

We are 5 Generations and looking forward to Gen 6 in 2024.


Our Boys


Lipstar Richard Fire

International and National Junior Puppy Champion

Richard is a full import from Russia born for the show ring. His pedigree boasts European champions as well as many from the USA. He has earned Junior International and National titles, and is pointed toward an AKC title. 

Richard bubbles over with personality from the tip of his boop-able nose to the wiggle butt that can't hold still. I love working with this boy because he's so eager to please. He's also a trickster and loves playing pranks. A trait his passed on to several offspring.
Richard is red white and a fluff gene carrier. He produces gorgeous red/white, sable, and tri color babies.

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Home to UKC

CH Elfin Farms Wallaby Darned

Wallaby entered the show ring for the first time the week he turned six months old. On April 13, 2019, he earned his champion title. He brought home numerous ribbons taking both a herding group 2nd and 3rd placement. He also tied for the 7th place slot in the UKC Top Ten Pembroke Welsh Corgis for April 2019, and solely held the 7th place position in May 2019.
Wallaby joined our crew as a future mate for our girls. He is a blend of European champions and down home Texas, and will add new bloodlines into our mix. Wallaby carries the t-locus gene which means he has a natural bobtail as will half of his offspring. 
Wallaby has a mellow personality and loves to chill. Yet, he doesn't mind jumping into the middle of the fray. He loves to have fun.

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Barbaris Sambatus


Full import from Ukraine, Conan joined our crew in July 2021. In September 2021 he earned his International and National Junior Puppy Champion Titles. He's a gorgeous dog and looks like a fox in action. His rich red coat is thick and ends in a bushy brush tail. He's also producing the most beautiful puppies.


H. Artemis Fluf-N-Stuf

Artemis, son of Wallaby and GG, is our stunning redhead tri. He's blessed with Wallaby's laid back nature, and GG's abundant energy. He's also smart as a whip and a naughty clown which has earned him the nickname "Mr. Foul".

Elfin Farms Fluff The Magic Dragon

Aka Draco

Full fluffy sable boy Draco is as sweet as he is handsome and fluffy. Everyone succumbs to his charm. 
Draco carries both the Excalibur and European bloodlines. Under all that fluff he has the perfect corgi build.

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Elfin Farms Remus

Remus is the sable son of Gryffindor and GG. He's a sweet boy with a very mellow personality. Remus will produce only regular coat puppies. 

Our Girls

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Lipstar Onika Ocharovatelnaya
aka Sophie

Translated, her name means Onika Charming, and she is just that! A full import from Russia, her pedigree is overflowing with Russian and European champions as well as many from the USA.
Sophie made her show ring debut at an AKC puppy match where she took first place in breed and herding group, and third place in best of show. Sophie has earned her International Champion Title and is pointed toward her AKC title. She was bred to strut her stuff. 
Sophie is a gorgeous red/white fluff carrier. She produces red/white and redhead tri color babies with wonderful temperaments.

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Elfin Farms Gringotts' Gold

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GG is our redheaded tri-color with just enough black to really accentuate her beauty. The dark rims around her eyes add the appearance of recently applied makeup. Her coat is thick and silky. 
GG is outgoing and makes friends easily. She's very playful, energetic, and highly intelligent, learning commands quickly. She has exceptionally strong natural herding instincts, and can run all day. When it's time to settle down she melts into a lap puppy.

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Elfin Farms Carys Bear

Carys, daughter of Gryffindor and Emma, is my dark sable girl with the lovely Welsh name which means beloved. Her name also hints at a word play because I have an affection for those cute cuddly Care Bears that were once so popular. 
Carys is her mother's daughter in so many ways. She is sweet and remarkably patient. Together with Wallaby, Carys Bear has produced some of the most sought after puppies with wonderful dispositions, daughter, Nimbus being the best example.

Elfin Farms Windsor - A Nod To The Queen

Windsor is a true fluffy, need I say more?! She is beautiful through and through. A diva in her own right. She's a playful imp, and helps with puppy socialization. She also produces some of the most gorgeous sable and tri color puppies you can lay eyes on.

Windsor is smart and keeps me on my toes. I hope to one day get her onto an agility course where I know she will excel!


REDROSE-N-ELFIN FARMS "MILA'DY" (Pronounced mi'lady)
AKA Mila


Mila is a black factored redheaded tri color and sports the classic black cap. Her eye makeup is dazzling, and smile infectious. She is sweet beyond compare, and super smart to boot. She is also a fluff carrier and has produced some gorgeous fluffies! Including Whomping Willow and Ursa Minor.

Elfin Farms Pumpkin Spice -N- Everything Nice

Meet our sable girl Pumpkin. Bred here on the farm, she's the daughter of Gryffindor and GG. This snuggle bug has got it all; Gryffin's good looks, GG's gorgeous big eyes with the expertly applied makeup, super smart, and a huge heart to boot. 

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Elfin Farms Honey Bunches Of "Oh"s

This amazing sable girl is the daughter of Wallaby and GG. Honey's name says it all. She's a show stopper, and sweet as tupelo honey.


Elfin Farms Merry Of The Corgishire

Merry is a lovely redhead tri color, and daughter of Wallaby and GG. I tease her about being a dogfish because she loves water so much. She can't pass by her puppy pool or mud puddle without jumping in.

This girl is my shadow, and will readily leave playtime to come check on me. She is a sweet and gentle soul. Merry gets along with everyone and was aptly named.


Elfin Farms Nimbus

Nimbus is the sable daughter of Wallaby Darned and Carys Bear. Born during a thunderstorm with a power outage, she needed a fitting name. 
Nimbus is hands down the family favorite. She's loving, outgoing, and has proven to be a wonderful mother. Her puppies are gorgeous with rave reviews.

Elfin Farms Luna Love-Is-Good

Luna is full sister to our handsome Draco. She's a charming full fluffy sable and bluie gene carrier. Together with Herschel, Luna has produced some of the most beautiful puppies imaginable with temperaments that match.
There isn't enough good I can say about this girl. Love-Is-Good sums it up.

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Elfin Farms Riddl-e

(Pronounced Ridley)

Riddl-e is the sable fluffy daughter of Gryffindor and GG. Her sweet face tells you everything you need to know about this lovely lady. Together with Draco she is producing the most glorious full fluffy litters.

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Elfin Farms Whomping Willow

Full fluffy Willow is a blackhead tri factored sable, very dark, and daughter to Mila. She is also our largest dog though appropriately proportioned. She is gorgeous with a wonderful disposition. So gentle with her beautiful babies.

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Elfin Farms Ursa Minor

Ursa is my sweet fluffy little bear with a heart of gold. Ursa is the daughter of Mila and Max (sire to Draco and Luna). She is a blackhead tri factored sable, very dark. Together with Artemis she produces gorgeous sable and tri color puppies, both fluffies and regular coats.

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Elfin Farms Fairy Thee Well Stone Hum'nbird AKA Cora Belle

Cora Belle is cousin to Richard and Sophie through her Russian imported sire. Her background is filled with Russian, European and American champions. She is a pure red white capable of producing only red white puppies.

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E F Simply Iris-istible

Iris is the redhead tri color daughter of Wallaby and GG. He has the strongest herding instinct of any our dogs. At 3 months old she was herding some of our adults! Iris is fearless. And as her name implies, she is Simply Irrestible.

Generation 5

From Tobin/Lili to Gryffindor/Emma to Wallaby/Carys to Harry/Nimbus we arrive at our 3 fun loving beauties Mango Jubilee, River Rose and Fawkes E. Samantha

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The Future Looks Bright

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E F Juliet Charming

(Pictured with Sophie.) Juliet is our gorgeous red/white full fluffy out of Artemis and Sophie. She's the sweetest baby girl always full of smiles and love. She's also typically covered in chocolate sprinkles, and can often be found basking in a mud bath.

E F Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe'r

                      AKA Mocha

Sweet fluffy Mocha is a black factored redhead tri color. Her name covers it all. She is the daughter Artemis and Willow. Like her daddy, Mocha can be a stinker and a trickster. She has very strong herding instincts which uses on her sister Juliet. She loves to have fun and her gorgeous tail expresses emotions like a flag.


Elfin Farms Tobin


Tobin is our foundation stud, now retired. This handsome sable boy stole my heart from day one. His grin says it all. He lives to meet and greet, and can often be found doing just that at our bonsai store. He has been the official greeter for years.


Elfin Farms
Lili-putian aka Lili

Lili, now retired, is our foundation female. She is a beautiful blackheaded tri-color with a luxurious glamour coat. She has a calm nature which she has passed on to her offspring. She commands her environment, an excellent herding quality. She's always eager to please.

Elfin Farms Hermione AKA Emma

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Now retired, Emma, a blackheaded tri-color, is the daughter of retired Tobin and Lili. Her coat is short like Tobin's, but amazingly, she is a fluff gene carrier. She produced many beautiful fluffies! All of her offspring have wonderful personalities. Her genes are passed on to daughter Carys Bear and Windsor who also produce wonderful puppies.

Over The Rainbow Bridge


UKC CH Elfin Farms Gryffindor

Our handsome sable boy, CH Elfin Farms Gryffindor, boasts both AKC and UKC champions throughout his bloodlines. Gryffin, as we call him, has an outgoing, happy-go-lucky disposition. He loves to play fetch and tag with the other dogs here on the farm. He always runs with a grin on his face.

Sadly, Gryff passed over the rainbow bridge unexpectedly, but his bloodlines live on.

About our facility

Puppies are whelped in our home. Around 4 weeks of age they move into the kennel. Our heated/airconditioned kennel has safe rooms for puppies, as well as open air stalls, kitchen/food prep area, full laundry, playroom and grooming area. Each of our adult dogs has a large grass run and individual heated/airconditioned doghouse. Most of their time is spent at play.
We feed our dogs a holistic diet based around FROMM GOLD kibble with a variety of canned food or hand prepared toppings. We also use NuVet and NuJoint supplemements. Producing quality dogs starts from the inside out. 
You may order NuVet and NuJoint supplements through NuVet Labs using order code 115098. 800-474-7044 or


Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies For Sale

All puppies, all coat types and colors are $2,400.

Puppies are whelped in our home, and receive lots of personal TLC. They are well socialized with other animals as well as humans. I don't skimp on care. 


All litters are AKC-registered and puppies sold as companion pets only. Spay/neuter is done at your convenience and expense. Puppies have tails docked, dewclaws removed, up-to-date vaccinations and de-worming. All puppies go to their forever homes with a guarantee, health certificate and care package.

*I can occasionally accommodate "no dock" tails and natural bobtails. Wait time is longer.


To be included on the waitlist use the "Contact Me." You will receive an informational form letter and a questionnaire via email from The questionnaire must be filled out in its entirety, submitted, and approved before inclusion on the wait list. I typically respond within 24 hours so check your spam filter if you haven't received confirmation.

Currently taking applications for 2024 puppies. 

Please scroll down and read the "Corgi Care" section before contacting me.


Thank you for checking in.

Corgi Care

What to know before you commit.

I love my corgis, but they aren't for everyone. Do your research and understand your commitment before you buy. And please, don't buy a corgi just because you think they are cute!

Before you purchase or adopt any dog, be aware that you must have resources available for checkups and vaccinations, heartworm and flea control, quality kibble, and those adorable toys you've been dreaming of, as well as the occasional emergency. This can get costly in a hurry. Emergency room vet bills can run into the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars! I know this from first hand experience. Even without an emergency, properly caring for a dog is expensive.

All puppies chew, nip, scratch and defecate where they shouldn't. That's just part of puppy-hood. Corgis are top-end chewers and nippers. It's your job to teach them to be good citizens, and corgis need an abundance of guidance.

The truth about corgis and your commitment.

  • Herd dogs are active. They need lots of exercise. If you don't keep them busy, they WILL keep themselves busy, usually in a manner most unbecoming.

  • Corgis are not little yappers. They are height-challenged full-size dogs with a full-size bark. Some people are startled by just how loud a corgi bark is. Being herd dogs, they are very vocal.

  • Corgis are pig-headed stubborn. It takes a lot of patience and guidance on your part to mold your puppy into an outstanding dog.

  • Every corgi is a unique individual. Not all corgis are outgoing and friendly as some videos would lead you to believe. Some corgis are aloof, preferring to hangout with only their family members. A great many want to take charge, dominating their environment. Sometimes they're just plain moody.

  • That adorable angel can morph into a Tasmanian devil in the blink of an eye.

  • Corgis are not necessarily the best playmates for your children. They are herd dogs bred to chase and nip at heels (and any other body part they can get their chompers on). Unless you teach them otherwise, they will nip and herd your children around the yard. (Yes, this behavior can be curbed with work on your part.)

  • Frapping is a necessity. Herd dogs need room to run. A figure eight through the living room and dining room will suffice. 

  • Corgis do not like to share. It can get ugly at times.

  • Corgis are smart. They will try your patience. (And your sandwich, if left unattended!) 

  • ...which brings us to the next thing about corgis. They LOVE to eat! It's up to you to keep your corgi happy and healthy. Plan on keeping your corgi on a very strict diet/exercise program.

  • Corgis shed, A LOT! 

If you can handle all of the above, and want a buddy to snuggle with you on the sofa and vacuum your floor of every hint of a dropped morsel, you might be headed in the right direction. My life wouldn't be complete without the boundless love and affection of my most loyal (and incorrigible) family members.  

A few puppies from our previous litters.


What My Clients Are Saying

I love getting feedback from my clients. As a professional Dog Breeder, I’m proud to have gained the trust of my valued clients. They can be sure to rely on me with taking amazing care of their pets, and showering them with the amount of affection they are used to. Read below to see what’s been said about CORGIS AT ELFIN FARMS.

Absolutely wonderful experience adopting our sweet little pupper from Elfin Farms Corgis!  Dori kept us updated on our pup with photos, videos and vet info the whole way through. It was exciting and reassuring. After we brought Winnie home Dori kept up with us, answering questions and checking in on everyone.  Winnie is a happy, healthy, energetic little ball of fluff and we are so thankful to Dori and her pups! - Winnie’s hoomans

We appreciate everything you do! ~ M. R.

Always healthy, clean litters. ~ J. M. Woodham, DVM

After loving and watching my wonderful Haku grow up during his first year, it's safe to say that going to Dori's Elfin Farms was one of the best choices I made last year. You can tell that she has a passion for animals and absolutely adores her corgis. I still keep in touch with Dori to give her updates on my little one, and I appreciate seeing her social media posts on Haku's family members. I know that a dog's personality is based on how you raise it, but he's been an absolute sweetheart with an independent, adventurous spirit as Dori had described. I 100% recommend going to Dori's farm if you want to bring a corgi into your life.
- Y. Parks


Contact Me

Dori Renner-Hayes
3089 Main St.
Cottondale, FL 32431

Thanks for submitting!


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